Contemporary Dance II

Energetic and dynamic dance class for ages 9-12 yrs.

In the first class of it's kind at Bloom, Contemporary combines the exploration and improvisation inherent in a creative movement class, with the fun foundations of Modern Dance Technique. Perfect for students who have had some dance experience, the class will study concepts such as locomotion, momentum, energy, weight shift, and floor work. Themes of improvisation and movement invention will allow each dancer the chance to express their personal artistry and experience the pride of creation. We will work cooperatively in small and large groups as we stretch and strengthen, gain coordination, and utilize gravity in this joyful, natural movement style.

Tuition: $88/mo

Class Length: 50 mins

Availability: Classes run at the times shown below. Call for availability.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:30-6:20 - - - - - -

"This is the place for children who are seriously interested in music/dance and for parents who want to keep it that way." - Julian K.

The Bloom Promise

Music and dance should be fun and exciting. We promise to provide an experience that honors this every time your child walks through our doors.

✓ Friendly, inspired, degreed teachers who LOVE to teach

✓ Lessons and classes tailored to each student

✓ Free workshops and regular opportunities to perform

✓ An environment that inspires self expression and joy!

✓ You’ll learn music you love and dance to music that inspires!