Dance at Bloom

You already have a dancer! Let us honor their creativity and imagination while inspiring confidence and absolute joy!

Spins and twirls. Leaps and tumbles. Complete freedom. No fear, only energy and joy!You already have a dancer. All they need now is a space to find encouragement and guidance. A space where they’ll feel the thrill of doing what they love with others who feel the same.Join us at Bloom and you’ll join a community of teachers and dancers who are enthusiastic, supportive and whose one goal is instilling a lifelong partnership with movement and dance!Choose from sequential ballet classes, creative and contemporary dance, hip-hop, tap and more!Tuition: $116.00/monthCall 323-982-1655 to register today!

My youngest has enjoyed dancing it out with Miss Andrea. Miss Andrea is a patient, talented teacher that is really good at highlighting each of the students natural abilities. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking for a non-competitive environment for dance and/or music! - Aubrey L.

Creative Movement (1-5 yrs)

Creative and Family Dance at Bloom opens the door to becoming a lifelong dancer. Using imaginative play and movement, our littlest dancers will have opportunities to feel rhythm and tell stories through their bodies.Our Creative and Family Dance classes introduce concepts like spacial awareness, dynamics in movement, and musicality through song and dance.

Hip Hop (4-13 yrs)

Hip Hop students at Bloom will be able to explore different genres of hip hop music and street dance styles. In our Breaking class, students will be challenged to build their strength and flexibility.All of our hip hop and breaking students are encouraged to bring their personal style and lots of energy to every class.

Ballet (4-11 yrs)

Ballet at Bloom is where the tradition of ballet and creativity meet and flow together. Our classes follow the structure of traditional ballet classes while utilizing a developmentally sound approach that encourages creativity and exploration.From the imaginative play and their first plié in Ballet Friends to their first pair of pointe shoes and beyond, our ballet educators are excited to guide your dancer on the journey to becoming the ballet dancer they dream of becoming.

Broadway (4-16 yrs)

Our Broadway and Commercial Dance program is inspired by what inspires our teachers and students! This class uses modern jazz dance technique to explore dance found in our favorite music videos, broadway shows, TV shows, movies, and more.In addition to our Broadway and Commercial Dance classes we also offer Contemporary classes. Contemporary dance uses the movement of humans to explore new forms and dynamics in dance. These dancers will be taught modern and classical dance techniques to support the stories and movements being portrayed.

Tap (6-13 yrs)

At Bloom, our tappers learn to feel the rhythm in their bodies, heart, and soles. In addition to learning a broad tap vocabulary and building a solid technical foundation, your dancer will be encouraged to find their own sound and learn to express themselves through dance and percussive music.


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