Play, sing, drum, shake, rock, pretend, and dance- no experience necessary for this eclectic music and movement class!  Embrace an array of musical styles and genres.  Music makes a difference.  This class readies young musicians for our Intro to Music Fundamentals Class.  Join your child in the joy of music making in a fun relaxed atmosphere.  This class builds upon skills learned in Mommy/daddy and Me.

Monthly tuition $102

Class Length:  50 minutes

Early Childhood Music & Movement Class Schedule

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Read about the importance of early childhood music education here


Q. What is the difference between Baby Music and Family Music?  

A. When children start walking, they start to incorporate a whole new experience in music class.  They need to move, imitate, explore and even start singing.  In the baby music class we may sing or dance with baby in our arms or in our lap.  In Family Music, children may roam, dance, socialize and solo sing and echo!  It’s so exciting to see the growth over time.  If your child is 12 months - 18mo and you are unsure of which class to choose, it might mean trying the baby music class first and then switching to the family music when you and your teacher feel it is time.  If you are already doing a lot of music at home and your child is very mobile, the family music class will probably be fine.

Love this place. I take my son to the Family Music class on Sundays. Kim the instructor is the absolute best.
— Danny N.