Bloom offers private instruction on acoustic guitar for students just starting out to advanced pickers!  Our  teachers are versed in just about every style from Folk to Classical, Blues and Rock and everything in between. In addition, all our instructors are university trained professionals, many who have had considerable performance and recording experience. Most importantly, all of Bloom’s instructors have extensive teaching experience.

We find that the acoustic guitar is a great place to start for young beginners. An acoustic with nylon strings will be easier on the fingertips and is a relatively inexpensive first guitar investment.  The promise of an electric later on can be quite a motivation for sticking with it!

Every lesson is augmented by our system which documents each lessons material online for easy recall at home during the week.

Bloom also offers plenty of performance opportunities throughout the year - Spring Recital, Family Music Night and the Composition Recital - to enhance the educational process.  Playing in groups is fun too!

Because of hand size and the physical demands of the instrument, we recommend starting guitar study no earlier than 7 1/2 years of age. For those students 5-7 yrs. of age, Bloom offers the Music Fundamentals "Pick an Instrument" class. This class will provide an intro to the guitar as well as allow the child to learn some fundamental musical concepts that will help make private instrument study positive and exciting.

Lessons offered every day Monday-Sunday Call 323-982-1655 today for availability

Tuition:  $41/lesson or $164/mo for 4 scheduled lessons