Ages 3-5 yrs

Imagination!  Children this age live in a rich world full of wonder and excitement.  This world is a big part of this ideal music and movement class.  Students will experience different genres of music while learning about steady pulse, singing on pitch, rhythm echos, instrument playing, dancing and creative story telling through music and movement. All music concepts are learned through their body first in order to make that all important brain body connection and to bring about true understanding of all concepts learned.  Children help create the environment in which they learn. The skills learned in this class will prepare them for Music Fundamentals.

Tuition:  $102/mo

Early Childhood Music & Movement Class Schedule

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Read about the importance of early childhood music education here


Q. What is your policy for missed classes?  

A. In order to keep up the integrity of our classes, we offer a group makeup toward the end of the semester.  We do not offer a makeup class in the middle of the session.  This is to keep as much consistency in the learning environment as possible for the children.  

Q. What is the difference between the Intro to Music Fundamentals and Music Fundamentals?

A. Music learning, much like math, is very sequential.  Certain skills need to be present before moving on to a more advanced skill.  Children in the intro class are building upon the skills needed for a successful transition into Music Fundamentals.