Ages 5-7 yrs

The goal in this class is to have students prepared for a positive private instruction experience when they are ready.  We build upon the musical skills they have been developing from earlier classes.  Not only will they know how to read and write rhythmic notation but they will know which instrument they enjoy most!  Time will be spent exploring and demystifying the keyboard, violin and baritone ukulele (a great pre instrument that uses the 1st four strings of the guitar).  Essential music concepts will be studied.  All students will gain the experience of composing and improvising their own music.  The transition into private lessons will be seamless and very exciting!

Monthly tuition:  $115

Class Length: 50 minutes

Early Childhood Music & Movement Class Schedule

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Read about the importance of early childhood music education here


Q. Why not private lessons right now?

A. Throughout our many years of teaching young children, even the most “talented” and musically gifted kids benefit from more time improvising, exploring music of different genres and most importantly learning essential musical skills through their body first.  This supports TRUE UNDERSTANDING and not robotic recall.  We wish to create the musician before private lessons begin.  There are musical skills and goals that every child should have ahead of time.  Our teachers will help communicate to you the signs that it is time to move on to private lessons. Children who have had this class before private lessons have a much higher rate of sticking with lessons past the 1st two years of instruction.

Q. What is your policy for missed classes?  

A. In order to keep up the integrity of our classes, we offer a group makeup toward the end of the semester.  We do not offer a makeup class in the middle of the session.  This is to keep as much consistency in the learning environment as possible for the children.