Recorder is a unique wind instrument since it is the only one that a student as young as 6 can play.  Some students play recorder first and then move into a different wind instrument as they get older.  Other students continue to play recorder as their instrument of choice!  Bloom has adult recorder students as well :)

Like other private instrumental lessons, recorder students learn music theory, to read music, write their own melodies and songs, improve their ear and to play as a soloist with accompaniment.  Students are encouraged to bring in music they would like to learn to play or to let their instructor know all about their musical interests

Bloom also offers plenty of performance opportunities - Spring Recital, Family Music Night, Composition Recital - to inspire and motivate the young musician.  

Lessons offered every day Monday-Sunday Call 323-982-1655 today for availability

Tuition:  $41/lesson or $164/mo for 4 scheduled lessons

Registration is still being accepted! Convenient after school class times are still available. Call 323.982.1655 for Current Openings