Even though songwriting and composing are encouraged in every lesson at Bloom, we wish every student took songwriting lessons!  Songwriting is such an amazing tool to not only connect with one’s instrument but to think about music and communication in a completely different way.  Whether it’s a song about relationships, summer, robots or butterflies each has its own special character and insight to a particular time in a young person’s or adult’s life.

Our teachers have worked as composers and songwriters.  They are especially great about not getting in the way of the creative process but to help each student realize their work.  We feel that is absolutely essential.

Every lesson is augmented by our LessonMate system which documents each lesson's material online for easy recall at home during the week.

Bloom also offers plenty of performance opportunities - Spring Recital, Family Music Night, Composition Recital - to inspire and motivate the young musician.  Playing in groups is fun too!

See Rock Band, Chorus

Lessons offered every day Monday-Sunday Call 323-982-1655 today for availability

Tuition:  $41/lesson or $164/mo for 4 scheduled lessons