The voice is the most fundamental of all instruments (not to mention the most affordable!). Bloom offers vocal study to children and adults in many styles from pop all the way to classical with encouraging and engaging teachers who are all university trained and who each have extensive and diverse performance experience. Study will include proper breathing technique, pitch enhancement, vocal range augmentation and song study.

Every lesson is augmented by our LessonMate system which documents each lesson’s material online for easy recall at home during the week.

Bloom also offers plenty of performance opportunities - Spring Recital, Family Music Night, Composition Recital - to inspire and motivate the young musician.  Playing in groups is fun too!

Students are encouraged to partake in plenty of performance opportunities (Spring Recital, Family Music Night, Composition Recital) as well as Chorus.

Lessons offered 7 days a week

Tuition:  $41/lesson or $164/mo for 4 scheduled 30 minute lessons