Dynamic And Engaging Group Class For Ages 7-10 Yrs.

Tuition: $144/moClass Length: 45 mins

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Does your child love singing? Bloom Chorus gives students the chance to develop their vocal skills in a fun and social environment. We will cover basic technique, rhythm, pitch matching, and singing in harmony. Students will have the chance to explore music from around the world, pop songs, classic choral repertoire, musical theater, and experiment with improvisation/composition. We will dive deeper into the craft by not just singing songs, but understanding the music we’re singing, and even getting the chance to create original works. 

After your trial, tuition is $144/mo for your weekly class.

This trial class will allow you and your child to meet your new teacher and get comfortable with the class environment at Bloom.

Why Chorus At Bloom?

Let your child explore the exciting world of music and voice with the Bloom Chorus! Specially designed for children aged 7-10, this program introduces them to the enchanting realm of group singing. They will not only learn the basics of vocal techniques and pitch control, but also the value of teamwork and collaboration, as they blend their voices in harmony with peers.

Through engaging songs and fun vocal exercises, your child will gain confidence, improve their musical skills, and most importantly, enjoy the process of creating beautiful music together. We encourage all levels of musical experience; it’s the joy and passion for singing that counts!
Under the guidance of our experienced chorus instructor, each session will nurture their singing talent, build their self-esteem, and foster a lifelong love for music. Bloom Chorus also offers your child the wonderful opportunity to perform, enabling them to share their new skills with friends, family, and the community. Let’s come together and make some magical melodies!

Your first class...

Come early to find your class, meet your new teacher and get acclimated to the space.

During your chorus class, a teacher will likely recommend appropriate lesson and method books.

PLEASE NOTE: Masks are currently optional for all indoor classes at Bloom.

More info about Bloom

EVERY STUDENT IS UNIQUE - We recognize that every student is different.  We celebrate it and encourage it!  All of our teachers are well versed in all styles of music and are ready to respond to each student’s individual needs. We encourage songwriting for beginners to advanced students.

CLASS SIZE - If a music class has fewer students in it, each student will receive more personalized attention, learn more and have more fun. Our smaller class sizes make sure that no fundamental concepts are being missed. A smaller class size also allows our teachers to ensure that students are not developing bad habits or improper technique.

CONVENIENCE - We can’t add minutes to your days, but we can work to schedule your whole family within the same time block!  We have a comfy lobby, free Wi-Fi and cafes, shopping, and coffee all within 1-2 block walking distance!

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES - In addition to the traditional recitals, we also offer performance workshops, Composition Recitals, Ensemble performances, Family Music Night, Family Uke Jam and a Holiday Sing.

MODERN LEARNING ENVIRONMENT - Every student will have their own LessonMate account, software Bloom developed to communicate lesson info and ensure everyone knows what’s happening in lessons week to week. Each studio is designed to foster creativity and inspiration.

Join us today!

"Love Bloom! Miss Kim is the best and my son loves her and her class. We are learning lots and having fun at this school." - Danette R.

Why Choose

Bloom School Of Music & Dance

Friendly, inspired, degreed teachers who LOVE to teach

Lessons and classes tailored to each individual student

Free workshops and regular opportunities to perform

An environment that inspires self expression and joy!

Learn music you love and dance to music that inspires!

We promise an experience that honors your child with every class they take.