Find out why we're different than other music and dance schools.

Why Bloom?

We know you are busy and only want the best for your family. At Bloom we care about each and every student. Let us schedule the whole family within the same hour with the finest teachers Los Angeles has to offer!

EVERY STUDENT IS UNIQUEWe recognize that every student is different. We celebrate it and encourage it! All of our teachers are well versed in all styles of music and dance and are ready to respond to each student’s individual needs.

TEACHERS ARE ACCOMPLISHED AND UNIVERSITY TRAINED.Our teachers hail from some of the finest schools in the country. They are respected in their work in and out of Bloom. Most importantly, they are brilliant at connecting with each and every student.

TECHNOLOGYWe aren’t afraid of technology. In fact, we utilize the latest tech tools to enhance student’s lessons if needed. Our students compose, DJ and record their own music. They use GarageBand, Logic, and more. Bloom regularly uses LessonMate in private lessons and group classes (online journal free to all families) to make every lesson better.

EXTENSIVE EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAMS IN MUSIC AND DANCEMusicians are created before they take a private instrument and dancers make the essential brain-body connection before starting the rigors of serious dance training.

CONVENIENCELet’s face it. We can’t add minutes to your days, but we can work to schedule your whole family within the same time block! We have a comfy air conditioned lobby, seating outside and inside. Artisan cheeses, pizza joint, incredible sandwiches, cafes, shaved ice, clothes and coffee all within 1-2 block walking distance.

SERVICEQuestions come up. Ideas are shared. Something needs attention? Get it immediately. There is always someone at the front desk to help you. It’s important to us you feel at home at Bloom. Give us a call anytime at 382-982-1655

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Why Dance at Bloom?

At Bloom School of Music & Dance children jump, leap, wiggle and spin as they use their body to do what kids do best - explore, improvise, create, and play!Dance is both physical and expressive, making it uniquely suited for children. At Bloom, students use their innate energy, and their natural enthusiasm for movement to express themselves in new and exciting ways. We thrive on creating meaningful, enriching experiences for your young artist.Join us in supporting children as they Bloom - physically, expressively, artistically, socially & emotionally.

MORE THAN JUST A DANCE CLASSChildren learn first with their bodies! Instruction at Bloom is more than just "dance class", it's an experiential learning environment that prepares children for a lifetime of creative problem solving, cooperative community building, and impulse management. Our classes instill an appreciation for individuality and diversity within art, and within the community at large.Our learning environment is built on a model which emphasis two types of learning; curricular, and exploratory. We work towards measurable curricular goals such as strength, balance, and coordination, while also allowing students to explore, improvise, express, and create! In this way, every child finds a place to feel confident and successful within the class, and experience the joy of dance.

FLOATING DANCE FLOORSSpecial technology that keeps the floor flexible and dancers safe from injury. This is an essential part of our dance program.

OUR DANCE MISSIONAt Bloom School of Music & Dance our mission is to provide an enriching artistic experience for every unique child. Our school is a place where students can explore movement, physicality, and expression in a FUN, and supportive learning environment.Our classes have a dual focus on creativity, and technique. It is our goal to provide a well- rounded education where each student can feel successful. We believe that experiential learning is the landmark to success in the arts, and aim to provide opportunities for students to curiously explore their field of interest in a way that is personal, meaningful, and lasting.Every child is a limitless seed of potential. Our goal is to be the fertile ground for your child to Bloom!

Got more questions? Check out our FAQ page!