Girl's Rock Band

Engaging And Dynamic Group Class For Ages 8+ Yrs.

Tuition: $144/moClass Length: 55 mins

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Girls Rock: All-Girls Rock Band Class at Bloom

Unleash your inner rock star with our exclusive all-girls rock band class. Girls Rock is specifically designed to foster empowerment, creativity, and camaraderie among girls passionate about music making.

Why an All-Girls Group?
The dynamic of an all-girls rock band class provides a unique environment for collaboration and growth.

Here’s why it’s special:

1. Empowering Environment: The class focuses on building confidence and empowerment among young women. In an all-female setting, students often feel more comfortable expressing themselves and taking risks, leading to incredible personal and musical growth.

2. Teamwork and Friendship: Creating music with peers who share similar experiences and interests fosters deep connections and lasting friendships. Collaborating in a band promotes essential teamwork skills that are valuable both on and off the stage.

3. Skill Development: From beginners to experienced musicians, the class provides individualized instruction to develop each student’s skills. Whether it’s mastering the guitar, bass, drums, or vocals, our expert instructors will guide each student to reach her full potential.

4. Creative Exploration: The all-girls setting encourages creativity and experimentation. Students have the freedom to explore different genres of popular music and find their unique voice and style.

5. Performance Opportunities: “Rockin’ Bloomers” will showcase their talents in concerts and events, providing real-world experience in performing and engaging with an audience. The thrill of live performance builds confidence and prepares students for future musical endeavors.

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"This is a truly wonderful music school found in Eagle Rock! My daughter has been taking a variety of music lessons here ranging ranging from Piano, Guitar, singing, songwriting and drums and she really loves this school and her teachers." - Kathy Z.

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Bloom School Of Music & Dance

Friendly, inspired, degreed teachers who LOVE to teach

Lessons and classes tailored to each individual student

Free workshops and regular opportunities to perform

An environment that inspires self expression and joy!

Learn music you love and dance to music that inspires!

We promise an experience that honors your child with every class they take.