Kinder Combo

Exciting And Lively Dance Class For Ages 4-6 Yrs.

This exciting dance class gets dancers ready for future interests in jazz, hip hop and tap. Utilizing many of the same concepts as Creative Dance, this class will also start to introduce the vocabulary that will be used in later classes. As in all our dance classes, there is an emphasis on creative expression for both boys and girls.

Tuition: $116/mo

Class Length: 45 mins

Availability: Classes run at the times shown below. Call for availability.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
- 3:00-3:45 - 4:30-5:15 - - -

"All I know is that this school has the ability to instill self confidence and a love of music in children of all ages and of all ability levels." - Rhonda G.

The Bloom Promise

Music and dance should be fun and exciting. We promise to provide an experience that honors this every time your child walks through our doors.

✓ Friendly, inspired, degreed teachers who LOVE to teach

✓ Lessons and classes tailored to each student

✓ Free workshops and regular opportunities to perform

✓ An environment that inspires self expression and joy!

✓ You’ll learn music you love and dance to music that inspires!