Tap Soles

Dynamic And Lively Dance Class For Ages 6-8 Yrs.

Tuition: $116/moClass Length: 45 mins

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Thursday 4:30-5:15
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Saturday 10:00-10:45
Sunday -
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Children love to move and make noise - this class let's them do both! In our tap class, students will learn coordination and control as they use their feet to experience dance and rhythm with their bodies.

After your trial, tuition is $116/mo for your weekly class.

This trial class will allow you and your child to meet your new teacher and get comfortable with the class environment at Bloom.

Why Tap Soles Classes At Bloom?

Bloom is a student-centered environment where dancers are given the skills, freedom and encouragement to express themselves and find personal identity in dance. Our dance staff is committed to creating dance spaces that cultivate life long learning, community, and artistic excellence.

Our dance classes are structured to provide sequential and developmentally appropriate concepts and techniques to students; the right thing at the right time.

Your first class...

Arrive early (especially if the new dancer is young) to find your class, meet your new teacher and get acclimated to the space.

Wear athletic clothes that are comfortable and easy to move around in. Bloom does have a limited number of loaner tap shoes for trial students to borrow. Your teacher will let you know if they require a more specific dress code for your ongoing classes.

We have plenty of space inside and outside with complimentary wifi for families to wait for their dancer. If your child is 5 or younger please stay nearby in case your dancer needs help acclimating to their first dance class. Families of our older students can feel free to explore nearby restaurants, shopping, coffee, and boba.

PLEASE NOTE: Masks are currently optional for all indoor classes at Bloom.

More info about Bloom

EVERY STUDENT IS UNIQUE - We pride ourselves on our student-centered environment. We strive to meet the needs of each individual student instead of forcing a preconceived, rigid curriculum. We value the journey.

CLASS SIZE - Our classes are also small to ensure that each dancer has the opportunity to receive individualized attention and foster healthy relationships with their classmates and instructors.

CONVENIENCE - We can’t add minutes to your days, but we can work to schedule your whole family within the same time block!  We have a comfy lobby, free Wi-Fi and cafes, shopping, and coffee all within 1-2 block walking distance!

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES - Bloom dancers are offers opportunities to perform and share their progress and talents at our spring recital and during in-class viewings.

SAFETY - Safety is a priority at Bloom which is why we have professional dance floors installed in each studio. A properly sprung dance floor is fundamental in reducing dance related injuries and fatigue.

Join us today!

"This is the place for children who are seriously interested in music/dance and for parents who want to keep it that way." - Julian K.

Why Choose

Bloom School Of Music & Dance

Friendly, inspired, degreed teachers who LOVE to teach

Lessons and classes tailored to each individual student

Free workshops and regular opportunities to perform

An environment that inspires self expression and joy!

Learn music you love and dance to music that inspires!

We promise an experience that honors your child with every class they take.