Our early childhood development programs are designed with your child in mind. We strive to provide an environment where children WANT to come back, because they are excited to engage with teachers, interested in and most of all having FUN.

Children learn through personal experience

When children learn through personal experience, they are more likely to gain true understanding. That's why at Bloom we don't over emphasize rote memorization or mimicry. Instead, our teachers use inquiry and guided movement exploration to help your child explore dance in an imaginative and meaningful way.

Our curriculum is designed to be relevant and engaging for young learners. Supportive elements such as music, props, storytelling, and singing are all carefully arranged to keep students involved and excited.

Some of our young dancers may go on to become the next Broadway star, but even if they don't, we believe that Dance Education is valuable and worthwhile for your youngster. Children are growing, learning, and connecting mind to body on a daily basis. Our Dance classes strengthen your child's mind/body connection, helping them feel more confident and coordinated. Dance promotes a strong and positive body image while expanding your child's physical and expressive ranges. It's a happy, healthy, joyful activity that we feel every child can benefit from.


All Dance Classes - $88/ mo

(except Musical Theatre classes = $92/mo)

Have questions? We love to talk about our programs!  Beginners welcome! Give us a call at 323-982-1655