All of our private lessons are offered weekly for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The longer lengths are usually reserved for advanced students or adults.  Let us help you schedule the whole family within the same time slot!

Private Lessons are offered 7 days a week. Call 323-982-1655 for available openings

Tuition:  $41.00 per lesson ($164/mo for 4 scheduled lessons)

This is the place for children who are seriously interested in music and for parents who want to keep it that way.
— Julian K.

What are the length of Lessons?

All of our private lessons are offered weekly for 30 minutes. Lesson lengths of 45-60 minutes are reserved for advanced students or adults.

What happens if the teacher is absent?

If your teacher is sick or absent we will always have a suitable teacher to sub. It’s usually a teacher that teaches for us on another day. We believe consistency and weekly attendance is the most important thing for your child’s continued progress. We do not reschedule.

What if we need to miss a lesson?

At Bloom, we believe consistency is the most important thing to learning a instrument and indeed ensures continued progress. If a student is absent for a private lesson, their teacher will create a personalized lesson during the regularly scheduled lesson time complete with detailed notes and several videos of their teacher sharing new concepts for the week. This will be made available through the studen's free online lesson journal or lesson logs at The student will be responsible for reviewing the lesson to prepare for the following week. Progress continues! We do not give in-person make-ups. We bring the lesson to you!

I’m having problems getting my child to practice. Do you have any tips?

Yes, we do! Please see our Practice Tips for ideas. The first and most important step is to pick the same time every day. The second is to make sure the teacher/student relationship is still working. As kids get older they sometimes need a different approach or different teacher. This doesn't mean their current teacher isn't wonderful, it just means their needs as a music student are changing. It's not unusual to switch teachers or instruments around 8-10 years of age.

My child is 9 and doesn’t seem as excited about playing their instrument.

This is completely normal in children 8-10. Music is becoming more social to them. They want to share it, perform it with their friends etc. They may want to learn the theme to a game they play, or the latest hit from their favorite band or artist. If they’re playing piano they may have been begging you to switch to guitar or drums. Letting them explore music that is more popular may be a great start to getting them excited again. Encouraging songwriting is also a great way! Check out our ensembles (Chorus, Rock Band, String Ensemble, Group Ukulele, Family Drumming and Movement). Playing with other kids their age is a blast. And then there’s always switching instruments or even changing to a different teacher. That can work wonders :)

Why 30 min lessons? I grew up with 45-60.

When teachers come to your home, they usually need 45-60 to get everything in. There are a lot of distractions at home and the environment just isn’t set up for a concentrated music lesson. In a school atmosphere, there are no distractions and it is more focused.

If the school is closed do we still pay for private lessons?

No. Your monthly tuition is prorated for the number of lessons that are actually scheduled. Some months will be 4, others 3 or 5.

Do your teachers have degrees in music?

Yes, all of our teachers have degrees in music, many of whom have masters and doctorate degrees from some of the most prestigious schools in the country. While we feel that is important, it’s not as important as their communication skills and their willingness to meet every student on her own terms. We have teachers that specialize in beginners and some that specialize in adults and professional musicians. All of our teachers continue to perform, compose or produce and are quite accomplished.

Do I need a full sized acoustic piano?

Not in the beginning. You can get a smaller electric keyboard as long as the keys are full sized and it is touch sensitive (can play loudly and softly with the fingertips). This can cost around $125 including headphones and foot pedial.

Electric or Acoustic Guitar for a beginner?

The quick answer is whatever gets them excited about playing...that being said, we recommend an acoustic, preferably with nylon strings if under the age of 10 (nylon strings are easier to push down and easier on the fingertips). With an acoustic, the initial investment is a bit less because you don’t have to worry about amps and cords etc. Some families use the promise of a future electric guitar as a carrot to motivate their new guitarist to stick with it over a period of time.

Do you rent out violins or other instruments?

No. We concentrate all of our efforts on education. Feel free to call us for referrals if you need to rent a stringed instrument or band instrument.