As our children come into their own, they have a lot to say.  It's not easy being a teen in today's world! 

This is a great time for dance, even if it's their first dance class!  Bloom's dance classes for this age are a continuation on a theme.  We are not a competition school.  Our focus is on bringing out the expression, creativity and connection of each and every dancer.  We want our dancers to exude a confidence that can only come from complete ownership.  Our teens get a lot more say and become co-creators as they learn more and more about themselves and the language of their dance.

Classes offered:
Teen Ballet - Tuesdays 6:30PM
Teen Hip Hop - Fridays 6:30PM
Contemporary II - Mondays 6PM

Please call for additional availability: 323-982-1655

Tuition: $88/mo

Teen Ballet Foundations      Advanced Ballet     Ballet Technique/Form     Contemporary Dance     Advanced Hip Hop               Advanced Musical Theater     Advanced Tap         Accelerated Dance    Teen Ballet       Teen Ballet Strength and Stretch         Teen Ballet Barre