We recognize that every student is different.  We celebrate it and encourage it!  All of our teachers are well versed in all styles of music and dance are ready to respond to each student’s individual needs.

TEACHERS ARE ACCOMPLISHED and university trained.  

Our teachers hail from some of the finest schools in the country.  They are respected in their work in and out of Bloom.  Most importantly, they are brilliant at connecting with each and every student.


We aren’t afraid of technology. In fact, we utilize the latest tech tools to enhance student’s lessons if needed.  Our students compose, dj and record their own music.  They use Garageband, Logic, and more.  Bloom regularly uses LessonMate in private lessons and group classes (online journal free to all families) to make every lesson better.



Musicians are created before they take a private instrument and dancers make the essential brain-body connection before starting the rigors of serious dance training.


Let’s face it.  We can’t add minutes to your days, but we can work to schedule your whole family within the same time block!  We have a comfy air conditioned lobby, seating outside and inside.  Artisan cheeses, pizza joint, incredible sandwiches, cafes, shaved ice, clothes and coffee all within 1-2 block walking distance.


Questions come up.  Ideas are shared.  Something needs attention?  Get it immediately.  There is always someone at the front desk to help you.  It’s important to us you feel at home at Bloom. Give us a call anytime at 382-982-1655


The recital on the 7th was lovely. One of the things I appreciate most about your and Dave’s philosophy is the low-key concerts. I always felt so sick to my stomach before piano recitals when I was a kid. While Claudia is shy, there certainly isn’t the kind of pressure that sent you spinning from the room if you flubbed up.
— Jennifer MacLean
Bloom is an amazing place for kids to take music lessons in Eagle Rock! Whenever I have been there, the good energy pours out of all the rooms, there are kids having tons of fun learning music in group and private classes. They also have a dance program. I love the vibe that the owners have created here and the studio is absolutely beautiful and fresh feeling. Front office staff is extremely helpful and friendly!
— Megan B.