Rock Band

Dynamic And Engaging Group Class For Ages 8-17 Yrs.

Tuition: $144/moClass Length: 55 mins

Monday -
Tuesday 6:30-7:25
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday 9:00-9:55, 10:00-10:55, 11:00-11:55
Sunday 1:00-1:55, 2:30-3:25, 3:30-4:25
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
- 6:30-7:25 - - - 9:00-9:55, 10:00-10:55, 11:00-11:55 1:00-1:55, 2:30-3:25, 3:30-4:25

Thank you for your interest in Bloom's next Rock Band classes! The next session will begin in late-January.

Please fill out the interest form HERE! We will reach out in January with more info and class availability.

Tuition is $144/mo for your weekly Rock Band class. (ONLY $99/mo if you are enrolled in private lessons at Bloom!)

"My granddaughter enjoys this school so much! She takes toddler music and they sing, dance, play games and instruments for a very worthwhile session. I had fun, too. Watching all the children was very uplifting." - Mary C.

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Bloom School Of Music & Dance

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Lessons and classes tailored to each individual student

Free workshops and regular opportunities to perform

An environment that inspires self expression and joy!

Learn music you love and dance to music that inspires!

We promise an experience that honors your child with every class they take.